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Why invest in a franchise? -
Retailing may be considered as one of the fastest paced and most exciting areas of business of all so why not find out about .
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Why invest in a franchise?

Retailing may be considered as one of the fastest paced and most exciting areas of business of all. It provides busy days, business boosted weekends and a competitive market where only the dedicated can thrive. Couple this then with a form of doing business that is growing exponentially day by day and you have a wide, diverse and seriously exciting business realm of which you can be part.

Four solid reasons why you should invest within a retail based franchise

1. Because franchising is the increasingly popular way of starting up in business

New research has shown the UK’s franchise sector is operating at record levels with all-time highs reported in turnover, employment and numbers of franchisee-owned businesses.

Franchising contributed £15.1bn to the economy last year and employs 621,000 people, according to the independently researched British Franchise Association/NatWest Franchise Survey 2015. Both figures are up more than 10 per cent since 2013. With so much to offer the average retailer it's not hard to see why so many entrepreneurs within the retail realm are harnessing such an investment opportunity.

2. Because the retail sector is changing, and entrepreneurs need to change with it

Retail Franchises | retail based investment opportunitiesThe retail sector has changed irrevocably over recent years and for the little guy who chooses to go it alone the UK high street can today look like a decidedly intimidating position to trade from.

For this reason, and to truly be able to take on the big boys, investing within a franchise provides both purchasing power and the persuasion of a well-known brand name to capitalise upon.

3. Because the world of franchises is today more diverse than ever before

The number of franchisee-owned businesses topped 44,000 in 2015. Save to say then that the franchise realm is today more diverse than ever before, covering more industries, business types and product and service categories every single day.

4. Because franchising provides opportunities to all - from those who have tens of thousands to invest, to those who may only have a couple of thousand

Last but not least it’s worthwhile considering just how flexible a form of investment franchising is in terms of the amount that can be invested. Whilst the price tag of what can be a lifelong business shouldn’t serve as the sole deciding factor in an investment decision, today’s range of low cost franchise opportunities do provide a chance for all within the world of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Take a look at just a few of these lucrative retail based
investment opportunities:

Signs Express

Retail Franchises | retail based investment opportunities

Personal Investment Required: £45,000

Overall Start-Up Cost: £120,000

The Signs Express Franchise is a Graphic Sign Shop Business which provides you with regular repeat business, high value orders, a stable marketplace and established brand. You do not need any industry experience to become a successful Signs Express Franchisee.

As a franchisee you will have access to your share of over 800 sign enquiries monthly, suport from a team of 20 at Head Office and much, much more.


Retail Franchises | retail based investment opportunitiesPersonal Investment Required: £24,000

Overall Start-Up Cost: £40,000

Ripples is one of the most respected Bathroom Retail Franchises in the UK. This premier showroom business has been established for more than 25 years and has the expertise in designing bespoke bathrooms.

Ripples Franchise owners operate their own beautifully appointed showrooms in the luxury retail market predicted to be worth nearly £1billion. This business is ideally suited to partner teams, with the shop management and administrative duties divided between them

Dream Doors

Retail Franchises | retail based investment opportunities

Personal Investment Required: £14,975

Overall Start-Up Cost: £29,950

Dream Doors is the UK's largest and most successful Kitchen Facelift Retail Business with annual net profits of £100,000+ being achieved. Dream Doors will help you to find the perfect kitchen installation team who, typically, will work for you on a sub-contracted basis. That leaves you to  focus on what you do best -  meeting customers and running your own Kitchen Facelift Retail Business.

With your commitment and determination, and their proven business model, you can achieve MORE THAN £1MILLION in yearly turnover and earn a healthy six-figure income.

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